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Attending The PA Show as a VA


The PA Show 2022 has everything you need to kickstart or grow your existing VA business.

You’ll learn so much at The PA Show, here are our top 10 reason’s why every Virtual Assistant should attend

1)    Polish your ability to plan and strategize
2)    Develop your sales skills and dazzle your clients
3)    Acquire basic accounting knowledge - money talks!
4)    Commit to personal and professional development - be your best-self! 
5)    Prioritise revenue generating tasks 
6)    Stop multi-tasking and start batching
7)    Successful online networking - it's all about getting yourself out there
8)    Copywriting skills - become a writing and blogging pro!
9)    Growing your business 
10)   Developing a niche service - what makes you stand out!

The PA Show will cater to all budgets and career stages so you will also have the option to attend the exhibition free of charge and have access to our CPD accredited Key Stage Theatre!

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