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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Two sides of the Wellness Coin: How to be an influencer PA, and prioritise personal wellbeing?

28 Feb 2024
Key Skills Theatre
Key Skills Theatre

In this session Mesi Balog - Founder of Treat Your Staff will share the idea behind the 'Two sides of the Wellness Coin'.

One side of the story being how can EAs and PAs be trendsetters and influencers when it comes to organising events, how can they add the wellbeing element and make sure wellness is a top priority even at busy conference agendas.

The other side of the 'Wellness Coin' is about our own individual health and wellbeing during busy and stressful times while organising events. We will be discussing top tips and techniques how can EAs and PAs stay on the top of their games under high pressure at work.

Mesi will also share testimonials and ideas on how to identify if someone in the team has difficulties coping with stress and how can we help avoiding burnout.

Mesi Balog, Founder and Director - TreatYourStaff