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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Senior Executive Assistant vs Chief of Staff - Which is the right path for you?

29 Feb 2024
Personal Development Theatre
Personal Development Theatre

It is often assumed that the ultimate role within the business support industry is Chief of Staff - but this role isn't for everyone, neither do all businesses need one. If you’re beginning to think about the future of your career and not sure which path, you should be taking – don’t sweat it! Your career journey is as unique as you are and there is no one-size-fits-all destination.

Join us for an honest and inspiring panel discussion hosted by Jessica Gardiner, Founder and CEO of The Assistant Room, featuring seasoned Senior Executive Assistant, Alison Barsby from Legal and General Retirement Institutional and the incredibly accomplished Miriam Matheson, Founder of Carruthers Irving Consulting and ex Chief of Staff at Softbank.

We will be flipping the script on assumptions and deep diving into the reality of both all-encompassing roles. Expect real talk on the key skills that are needed to shine in each role and what traits make them better suited to their role and not the opposing.

But wait, there’s more! This isn’t your average chat. We’re arming you with the insider tips on crafting your own career journey strategically. From turbocharging your networking game to snagging the best coaching and specialised training courses, we’ve got the roadmap you need to plan your career moves with the end goal in sight.

Alison Barsby, Senior Executive Assistant - Legal & General Retirement Institutional
Jessica Gardiner, Founder & CEO - The Assistant Room
Miriam Matheson, Founder & CEO - Carruthers Irving Consulting