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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Navigating an increasingly complex sustainability landscape

28 Feb 2024
Key Skills Theatre
Key Skills Theatre

You may be confused about ESG or need to prepare for the race to Net Zero, build a culture that empowers employees to do environmental and social good, attract new talent, win tenders and improve brand reputation. We can help you on your sustainability journey.

What will be covered in this talk?

• Cutting through the jargon
• Understanding the sustainability landscape
• The financial and social value of environmental and social responsibility.
• The impact on staff retention and recruitment
• The impact on your company's reputation
• Delivering a CSR strategy
• CSR Accreditation

Richard will explain how businesses of all sizes can make a difference, not only by reducing the negative impact we have on the environment, but by building a better and more cohesive society. It’s amazing what we are already doing that we don’t talk about.

Make 2023 the year for demonstrating your organisation’s socially responsible and sustainable actions.

Richard Collins, Founder CEO - CSR Accrediation