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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



'Wellbeing as women: What I’ve learnt from female founders who are mothers in 6 months of conversations'

28 Feb 2024
Keynote Theatre
Keynote Theatre

In this session Caroline, who is a former PA and VA, now Founder of a multi award winning VA Agency on track for their 2025 ARR target of £500k and mother two two boys 5 and under will explore the importance of wellbeing for all.

Caroline launched a podcast in 2023 'Bump to Business Owner' where she discusses Founders journeys with mothers - a hot topic for us is how we can serve our businesses, clients, teams AND our children.

What is often the answer?

Our own wellbeing. This session will dive into what some of the busiest people she has met have learnt about wellbeing including her own lived experience.

Caroline Marshall, Founder - Upsource