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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Growth Mindset; breaking away from your job description and into the reality of your role

28 Feb 2024
Personal Development Theatre
Personal Development Theatre

This is your chance to step into the world of empowerment and professional growth as Jessica Gardiner, Founder of The Assistant Room, takes the stage to host an engaging and inspiring panel discussion featuring two incredibly dynamic assistants, Kelsea Lindsey, Senior Executive Business Partner at Intuit and Abigail Jones, a talented EA at Spotify. The dynamic duo share a unique connection, having first crossed paths many years ago whilst working at American Express Global Travel. Now, united once again, they are on a mission to inspire and guide others on a journey of career ownership and advancement.

This panel promises a wealth of insights as Kelsea and Abi draw from their collective experience to explore the transformative power of a growth mindset. With a focus on breaking barriers and shattering the glass ceiling, they delve into the practical strategies they have used to establish a strong presence within the business support industry.

Kelsea and Abi will share their own stories of resilience, resourcefulness, and tenacity, highlighting pivotal moments in their careers when they defied the norm and exceeded expectations. From navigating corporate hierarchies to championing diversity and inclusion, it can all be achieved by adopting a growth mindset.

Attendees can expect to leave having gained valuable insights into building a personal brand, cultivating a proactive approach and breaking away from your job description in order to progress, not only your current role but flourish in your career within the business support industry.

Abigail Jones, Executive Assistant - Spotify
Jessica Gardiner, Founder & CEO - The Assistant Room
Kelsea Lindsey, Senior Executive Business Partner - Intuit