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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Find Your Voice - How To Truly Be Heard in Life & Business!

28 Feb 2024
Keynote Theatre
Keynote Theatre

Speaking is more than just standing on stage.

Speaking is life, Speaking is business, Speaking is education - it's YOUR ability to deliver any message to any one with clarity, power & emotion - to truly be heard.

In my years of working in the PA, EA & VA communities, this has proven to be the most impactful, empowering & inspiring topic yet isn't covered enough to support your community.

So, this is what you will get from me - taken from my flagship, global training programme 'Find Your Voice!':

⭐️ Confidence around public speaking

⭐️ Confidence to go networking

⭐️ Confidence to deal with difficult situations and challenging conversations

⭐️ Support with leadership skills

⭐️ Build Better relationships with your manager and perhaps the SMT, Board and Stakeholders

⭐️ Confidence to suggest and perhaps instigate and/or deal with change

These are unique, ego-free insights into the world of Professional Speaking that will help you to thrive in your role, to amplify the support to your executive & give you the platform to truly 'step up' in every aspect!

Nick Elston, Founder - Forging People