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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant - what you REALLY need to know.

29 Feb 2024
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre

Suzy Sanders is the founder of the only family run Virtual Assistant Franchise in the UK. She's contributed to, delivered talks and written for brands including: BBC, The Homeworker Magazine, Huffington Post UK, Candy Kittens, Go Daddy & PA Life Magazine.

With her strong core values; integrity, kindness, family, empowerment, flexibility, growth and adventure at the heart of all business activities, Suzy’s collaborative approach has been built around building connections with the right people to make the most impact.

From starting Alchemy VA as a freelance Virtual Assistant in 2016 whilst adjusting to being a first time mother, navigating post natal depression and anxiety. She quickly realised the power and strength in collaboration and community, Suzy set about fostering meaningful relationships to grow her business and impact – actively seeking to work with likeminded businesses who shared a similar ethos, exploring local, regional and global speaking opportunities at relevant events, chairing a well-known networking group, and supporting upcoming businesses and charities in her spare time.

Suzy recognises that success as a Virtual Assistant is not always about just making money.

Instead it was these nurturing and compassionate business activities that truly boosted Alchemy VA's reputation – Suzy has won awards for her noticeably different approach and has been featured on radio, TV and in leading industry publications.

Alchemy VA's loyal client-base and team rapidly grew and thrived as a result.

Continuing to receive a steady and increasing influx of enquiries from curious and aspiring virtual assistants who had been inspired by Suzy’s journey, she saw an opportunity to launch a unique franchise model in partnership with her husband Paul where carefully selected individuals – only those with the same commitment, skills, mindset, personal objectives and values – could build their own Virtual Assistant enterprises under the trusted and award winning Alchemy brand.

Suzy has since self-published a book, ‘The Alchemy of Virtual Assistance: creating a successful virtual assistant business around your family’ and continues to be an active advocate in the Virtual Assistant space.

Suzy shares her compelling journey from EA to VA (and beyond!) with empathy, compassion and meaningful insights. Offering a raw, honest and wholeheartedly inspiring story loaded with valuable lessons, thoughts and considerations for anyone considering the move from employment into entrepreneurship to easily absorb and apply.

Suzy Sanders, Founder & Franchisor - Alchemy Virtual Assistance