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Essential Business Strategy for your VA Business

29 Feb 2024
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre

So many people start their business, especially in the online world, and don't consider business strategy. I liken not spending time on developing a robust strategy for your business is like trying to build a house without foundations. Business strategy is the foundation of your business and provides the ongoing strength.

A business strategy outlines the specific ways in which an organisation plans to position itself, achieve its short-term and long-term goals, and grow over a period of time.

Who am I?
Defining your Mission & Values

Where do I want to go?
Identify your Vision

How do I get there?
Goal setting using the 7 strategic pillars

How will I know I have arrived?
KPIs and metrics

What next?
Review, review, review

Paula Edwards, Founder/Director - Advance Virtual Assistants Ltd