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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Create Harmony and Balance with Feng Shui

28 Feb 2024
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre

In this talk Vicky will describe the 9 life areas of the compass feng shui bagua and how they have an effect on you, your home and your office. She will give hints and tips on wellness, career motivation and how to have a happy working environment using plants, placement of lighting, and how its important to have the natural environment around you to bring health and wellbeing into the workplace.

Vicky is a well known feng shui consultant and has been speaking at the International Feng Shui Guild Summit, the Ideal Home Show and the Feng Shui Society's conference and has written for many magazines and newspapers for many years on the environment and how using the principles of feng shui everyone can benefit in the workplace with excellent health and wellbeing.

Vicky Sweetlove, Consultant - Feng Shui Life