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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Competitive Resume Strategies: Build a CV that Stands Out and Secures the Interview

28 Feb 2024
Personal Development Theatre
Personal Development Theatre

★ Transform Your CV into an Interview Magnet ★
Ready to stop sending your CV into the void? It’s time to master a fundamental life skill for every ambitious administrative professional: crafting a CV that doesn’t just list your entire work history, but actually it gets you interviews. Join us for an intensive session where we reveal the industry secrets behind the art and science of standout CVs.

★ Why Your CV Is Your Career’s Most Valuable Player ★
A well-crafted CV is more than a formality; it’s a strategic tool. In this session, you’ll discover:

The Vital Edge: Learn why understanding CV strategy isn’t just helpful—it’s crucial.

The Winning Formula: There’s a proven method to this, and without it, you’re likely missing opportunities.

Conversion Mastery: We don’t just teach you how to write a CV—we show you how to turn it into interview offers.

★ What Sets This Session Apart ★
Laser-Focused Content: Every minute is packed with actionable content, not fluff.

CV Real-Talk: We’re ditching the common “best practices” for what’s truly best for YOU. The only CV writer here is you! You are the one who is going to have to speak from this CV in the interview, so it has to be authentic but optimised to give you that important advantage.

ATS Friendly Templates: Walk away with templates and techniques that have a high success rate of converting applications into interviews.

★ The Benefits ★
Life-Changing Skill Set: CV building is a life skill, and we treat it with the gravity it deserves. You can share these techniques with your loved ones to help improve the lives of those around you.

Inside Knowledge: Tap into the “behind-the-scenes” mechanics of successful CVs. These techniques work and we can prove it. Our strategies are unique but help change your mindset completely, allowing you to break away from dull and boring CVs that get passed over.

Real Results: Use our optimised templates, which are specifically designed to increase your interview chances.

★ Who should attend? ★
This session is perfectly suited for executive assistants, administrative professionals, and office managers—especially those who may not have had formal training in crafting standout CVs but are keen to master this essential skill. If you are looking to navigate the job market with a CV that confidently showcases your skills and achievements in a way that highlights their value to the employer, or if you want to ensure your application rises to the top of the interview pile, this session is crafted for you.

Lauren Bradley, Founder - The Officials