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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



Building a specialist VA business in Neurodiversity

29 Feb 2024
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre
Office Management and VA Conference Theatre

Could Specialism in Neurodiversity be the next step for you as a PA or VA? In this interactive session Donna Elliott Specialist VA at DEVA (Donna Elliott Virtual Assistants) and one of her clients Professor Caroline Keenan University of Exeter, guide you through the journey of becoming a specialist VA in neurodiversity; the special and unique relationships that you build with each client; what specialist VA work looks like and the ways that DEVA can help you if you do decide to specialise. This session enables you to identify what kinds of work help you thrive as a PA/VA and consider whether specialism is part of your work journey.

Proposed structure (depending on time available)

Donna's Journey as a specialist VA:
• Who am I and how did I become a VA.
• What lead me to specialising in working with neurodivergent clients.
• What kinds of skills and experience do you need to specialise in neurodiversity.

Caroline's journey as a client:

• Who am I and being diagnosed with ADHD.
• What lead me to choosing to work with a specialist VA.

What does specialist VA work look like?

• How we work together.
• How to build an effective working relationship.
• How to build a partnership Executive Skills Assessment.
• What support is available.

How can we help you if you decide to specialise?

• Enabling you to capitalise on your existing skills and to develop your talents further.
• Access to Work funding, guidance, what support they offer and how to get awarded
• Proformas for work on-boarding, types of work and different meetings.
• Advice and mentoring.
• Supervision support.

Donna Elliott, Director - DEVA
Helen Heathfield-White, Owner - Heaven Sent Solutions