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The PA Show ExCeL 2024



🥂 Fizz and Focus: Have a Toast and Learn How to Transform Your Career by Treating Your Role as a Startup

28 Feb 2024
Keynote Theatre
Keynote Theatre

As Day 2 winds down, join us for a unique and invigorating session that blends celebratory cheer with career empowerment. Fizz and Focus is not just a keynote; it's a toast to your potential.

What to Expect:
A Toast of Bubbles: Kick off the session with a glass of Prosecco, setting the stage for a relaxed yet enlightening experience.
Innovative Career Strategies: Delve into the "Treat Your Role as a Startup" method, a transformative approach that equips you to view and manage your career with the mindset of an entrepreneur.
Practical Insights: Learn how to apply startup principles to your role, turning everyday tasks into strategic opportunities for growth and impact.

Key Takeaways:
Refreshed Perspective: Gain insights into reshaping your career path with innovative, startup-inspired strategies.
Actionable Tools: Leave with practical tools and frameworks that you can apply immediately to enhance your professional journey.
Empowered and Energised: End the day not just with a glass in hand, but with renewed motivation and a clear vision for your career transformation.

Join us for Fizz and Focus – where career growth meets a celebratory toast. Let’s raise our glasses to your future success!

Lauren Bradley, Founder - The Officials