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The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Wellbeing in the Workplace - finding and exercising the balance to gain a better working life

02 Mar 2023
Personal Development Theatre

Wellbeing in the Workplace is an important responsibility for everyone to practice in order to keep not only yourself but others healthy and safe too.

It will be of great value to you to strive to feel good, feel healthy, balanced, in control of your own destiny, able to inspire and make others feel good too. This will help you to feel empowered and confident.

The new data from UK Top Employers shows how essential and practical action is now being used to support all employee mental and wellbeing health, in particular, being clear on the dividing line between where work ends, and home life begins. This is no different for the self-employed - such as aspiring, as well as established, VA business owners.

In this session I will be showing you how to:

*Be aware of the current state of your wellbeing health;
*The habits and rituals you should adopt to enhance your workplace wellbeing for maximum effect;
*Understand your workplace purpose, how to map your talents so that you can increase your value and self-worth, and
*Ensure that your workplace environment and culture benefits increased individual wellbeing health.