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The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Use these 8 Excel Magic Tricks to Create Time

01 Mar 2023
Tech Theatre

Join me to learn how to create time in your day when working with Excel. Here is what you will learn;

How to automagically generate a list - using Autofill in ways that will surprise you!
How to avoid creating wonky formula​ - use Absolute Cell References
Make your lists look gorgeous - Create a Table whic is truly magical
Rock Pivot and Roll​ - Pivot Tables demystified
If you like this, then you will love that ​- Let Conditional Formatting show you how your data is doing
Manipulate your data in a flash - Extract or combine data in a list
Chart your way to success​ - Create a quick chart
Picture this: your data but better! - Create an Infographic in Excel - yes you can!