The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Presenting with Impact and Confidence

01 Mar 2023
Keynote Theatre

Jose Ucar is delighted to introduce this excellent session that is designed to
develop your personal confidence and presentation skills. In the modern business
world, we are constantly presenting, communicating and looking to influence
people both internally (colleagues & Stakeholders) and externally during new
business meetings, key account reviews and project updates, to name just a few.
This introductory session provides a fantastic mix of knowledge, tips and
techniques that are at the heart of delivering an impactful presentation in a
confident and persuasive manner. Great presenters not only work on their
message, they also work on themselves to be able to bring their best version to
their presentation, whether virtual or in person. Presenting is both an art and a
science and this session will focus on both, yourself and your message.
Join Jose and transform the way you present yourself, your ideas and your

Jose Ucar, Public Speaking Trainer - Jose Ucar Coaching