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The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Keep your cool running online events

01 Mar 2023
Key Skills Theatre

In this workshop I will introduce a step by step method to ensuring seamless online events.
Hosting without the glitches, what to do if it goes wrong, how to make sure it doesn't.

What is on the horizon for tech, and events and how you as PAs can ensure you are ahead of the game.
We've all been there, put on the spot and expected to make things 'just work'.
After this session you'll be able to do so with confidence and ensure your online meetings and events are the best!

Second Title Offer
You are spinning plates and before you know it you're organising a large event. What if there was a simple 6 step method, easy to remember to break down all the tasks you need to cover and don't forget anything? Plus some insider bonuses. We don't notice the tiny details that make an event exceptional, but we all notice the things that go wrong - to ensure you're on the top of your event management game. Event Management for non-event managers! *Falls into Event Management category