The PA Show ExCeL 2023



How to set up your VA Business

02 Mar 2023
Personal Development Theatre

As you can imagine it is a broad topic, but I will be breaking down the session into the below sections, to allow people to work through and understand each element needed to set up and run their VA Business:

Define your why/vision
Creating a vision and defining your why helps you connect with your core values and navigate your business in the right direction.

Understand the VA industry
Gaining an understanding of the industry as a whole will help you to develop targeted and in-demand products and services.

Learn how to best use your skills
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you concentrate on the things you’re great at whilst putting a plan of action for future developments.

Put the right technology in place
Setting you up for success using the most efficient software and apps – technology can make or break your business!

Get your finances in order
Learning about financial forecasting, your desired rates, invoicing processes and how to switch to self-employment

Discover brand positioning
Understanding how and where to source clients, marketing yourself and your brand through a website and social media channels.

Katie Mellor, Founder/Director - KM Virtual Office Ltd