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The PA Show ExCeL 2023



How to be sustainable and impactful when organising events

01 Mar 2023
Key Skills Theatre

We know that the events sphere isn’t celebrated for its sustainability, but this workshop will help you set realistic, achievable goals that will make a difference to you, your colleagues and the planet in 2023, without decimating your ROI.

This talk will break down the term “sustainability” into language we can all understand and empower you with knowledge and strategies to make small but significant steps to reduce the environmental impact of your events.

We will go over what makes an event sustainable, covering the main issues to think about including carbon emissions, waste and food and drink. We'll share some practical tips to help you with your sustainability journey and explain how to incorporate sustainability into your event planning process.

Wherever you are on your journey to more sustainable events, this talk will support you to take the next step.