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The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Employee Experience - unconference session

02 Mar 2023
The Office Management Conference

Employee Experience (EX) is a phrase we hear a lot but what does it actually mean? EX is how we describe all the touch points that someone in a company goes through while at work. All the way from applying from the job to leaving at the end. Done well the EX will create a great culture, increase revenue, up organisational performance and attract people to the company.

But why does that matter to you?

Well, the majority of companies don’t have an in-house EX specialist meaning that it often falls to the PA’s, EA’s or Office Manager to look after it and make improvements.

This session will take you through exactly what EX is (so you know what to look for) before asking YOU exactly what your current pain points are and then help you solve them. You will leave the session with some tangible recommendations to start improving your EX as well as a good knowledge of what to watch out for in the future.