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The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Coping with change

02 Mar 2023
Keynote Theatre

How do you develop the personal resilience to feel fearless in the face of change?

In a world where our environments, priorities and resources can shift and change regularly, how do you adapt with confidence and embrace the new or different?

In this session, we will first explore why change can feel so challenging, overwhelming or downright scary. We’ll look at where fear of change really comes from, and how to develop the skills to cope with that fear. A deeper understanding of ourselves and our reactions creates more compassion and builds empowered, authentic connections in our relationships at work and at home. We’ll also learn simple, effective techniques to manage your mindset so that when you’re faced with change, you move out of fear or resistance and choose to step confidently towards it.

This session will leave you feeling more positive, empowered and confident that you can cope with change in your life and work.

Heather Agan de Visser, Founder & CEO - Heather Agan de Visser