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The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Being the social media expert

02 Mar 2023
Key Skills Theatre

What if you could offer award-winning social media strategies to help your clients and business win the majority of sales DIRECTLY from social media?

Maybe you…

  • Want to learn how to help your clients grow on social media. Get them passed that 'wall' they have hit.
  • Or gain more engaged followers and get people interested…
  • Or even just know what to be posting
  • Or actually finally understand all this conflicting information on hashtags, algorithms, posting times, “shadowban”, etc

You can create a killer strategy for your clients…
…without being tech savvy
… without fancy equipment or video editing apps
… without thousands of followers
… without posting everyday
… without having to pay for ads, bots or followers
… and without spending hours per day on instagram

So what will I cover?

✅ Lesson 2: BIO MAKEOVER including highlights, cover photos and links
✅ Lesson 3: SCROLL STOPPING CAPTIONS AND CONTENT including hashtags and when to post
✅ Lesson 4: 2023 MUST DO's so you don't fall behind