The PA Show ExCeL 2023



Become Unstoppable - Own Your Personal Brand

01 Mar 2023
Personal Development Theatre

You see the most important element in your business and career is YOU! But it's easy to overlook this especially when you are working in and growing your business and career! It's easy to overlook the importance of building a powerful personal brand that establishes you and your business as the go-to expert in your field.

But now is the time to transform your personal brand and to take you from feeling invisible to feeling invincible…

You can become unstoppable.

So imagine you…

Had the strategy and knowledge to create a powerful personal brand that connects with your colleagues and clients authentically.

We're so clear on your superpower, your niche that you feel magnetic… you could tell your own story and elevate your visibility and success with ease connecting consistently with your ideal audience and clients!

The concept of personal branding is growing exponentially, especially in the digital world we live in today, so it's important to establish yours effectively and authentically and to know how to market yourself effectively too…

But where do you start? I’ve got you, don’t you worry!

The importance of building a credible personal brand
How to reconnect and define your personal brand including your WHY, WHAT as well as your HOW in your business and career …
Goal setting for your success
Your brand messaging and how to tell your own unique story and attract the right clients / customers
How to get visible and connect with confidence
How to show up with impact and build your brand equity and influence
How your personal image and body language effects your personal brand and professional image
You'll leave with the clarity, motivation and practical strategies to create impact and you'll feel ready to confidently share your powerful personal brand with the world!

Janine Coney, Personal Brand, Marketing Consultant, Business Mentor. Accredited International Style Coach™️ - Own Your Style UK