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Creating an Assistant Handbook

02 Nov 2022
Tech Theatre

"Leave the place, better than you found it," is one of the mottos of Laure Bradley, founder of The Officials. Not only does she believe creating an assistant handbook is essential to learn and retain the skills to do the job but it leaves a legacy, creating protocols for future team members.

In this session, Lauren will show you how she sets herself up for success in any role by creating a manual with essential checklists that help mitigate the risk of human error, help train new members of staff, and document processes and procedures centric to the role.

You will learn:
• Why manuals are essential
• What to remember
• Creating a single source of truth
• Apps that help automate the process
• Bonus: Templates & Resources to get you started

It doesn't matter if you love tech or even if you are a bit tech-averse this session is easy to follow and requires very little training to create maximum impact.

Lauren Bradley, Founder + Lead Trainer - The Officials