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Be Seen Be Heard - You Can't Afford Not to Have a Voice

02 Nov 2022
Personal Development Theatre

Most people are unaware of the power they possess in their own throats. We are born with a magnificent range within our voice that most of us unlearn how to use through childhood until we end up as adults using a 3rd of our vocal potential. Most are only making a 3rd of the difference they could be making.
This means that PAs and VAs are reaching only a 3rd of the potential value they could be bringing to their role.
Human beings make decisions about another’s credibility, approachability, safety to be in the presence of and their potential at an unconscious level. One of the key drivers of that unconscious decision making are the signals picked up from the voice.
In this session David will share the most important tool you can use to create presence in a room, a Zoom room or over the telephone. Presence is the beginning of the process of making a bigger difference, making sure your employers make a bigger difference and getting significantly more money in your pay packet.

David Roylance, Founder - HCB - Speak to Shine Ltd