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The PA Show Autumn 2023



Your Career's Make-or-Break Moment: Emerging Tech Defining NextGen Assistants

17 Oct 2023
Key Skills Theatre

In this session, discover the pivotal role emerging technologies play in reshaping the assistant role. Gain essential skills and insights into AI, XR, VR, AR, and automation's transformative power, setting you apart as a NextGen assistant. This isn't just another session; it's your chance to stay ahead in a rapidly changing workforce. Hear from Lauren Bradley, the trusted voice of tech for the Assistant industry and founder of The Officials, on how tech is becoming more intuitive and why staying abreast of the tech pipeline is essential for your career longevity. Don't miss out on this game-changing session or risk being left behind. Register now and secure your path to becoming a NextGen assistant!

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Lauren Bradley, Founder + Lead Trainer - The Officials

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