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The PA Show Autumn 2023



Talking Anxiety - How To Forge Ahead!

17 Oct 2023
Personal Development Theatre

Summary: ‘Based on his own experiences of Mental Illness, Mental Health & Adversity - Nick will deliver a powerful, impactful, inspiring & insightful session sharing his journey from breakdown to professional speaker. Not only this, but Nick will also share his ‘lived experience guide’ giving you tools, tips & hacks to implement immediately in life & in business. Described as a ‘BIG man, BIG heart, BIG story & BRUTAL honesty - 10/10 A Speaking Masterclass!’ - Nick delivers a no holds barred yet humorous approach to make this utterly unique compared to any mental health or wellbeing initiative you will have ever attended before!

Bio: ’Nick Elston is a leading Inspirational Speaker on the Lived Experience of Mental Health, Award Winning Mental Health engagement & Lecturer & a Transformational Speaking Coach. Nick writes for many global publications in the HR & L&D space including HRD, HR Zone, CIPD - to name just a few. Nick works all over the world as a Professional Speaker & coaches others to speak authentically, vulnerably & emotionally - to help people find their voice.

Learning points;

  • To discover the difference between Mental Health versus Mental Illness
  • Gain understanding on why people do what they do & feel how they feel.
  • Learn processes for creating positive transformation in any situation.
  • Find out how we can approach Mental Health differently & have better conversations to support others.
  • Discover the secret to engagement & self protection when helping those around us.
  • Emotional Leadership & the power of emotional connection - a playbook to thrive!
  • Marginal Gains - the way to succeed through any transformation.

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