The PA Show 2022




09 Mar 2022
Personal Development
Diversity & Inclusion

If you’ve ever doubted yourself because you speak with an accent, if you want to feel empowered or want to speak up, this talk is for you.
Become an advocate for change. Discover how to develop an inclusive mindset and implement a plan for real and lasting change at any size organization.

We have an accent everywhere we go. Are you going to let that element keep you from speaking up, from sharing your excellence? After this, you're going to feel confident to embrace who you are and be able to take over the world.


Treat us as equals and believe we are equals.

This talk is for both, the ones that want to develop an inclusive mindset in their organisations and those who doubt themselves because of their accents.

I’m Venezuelan and have lived in Sweden, The United States, Spain, and the UK. I’ve also travelled for business to many different countries, so trust me when I say there is an issue here.

The world keeps getting smaller and so should be our differences. Unfortunately, as we know, that’s not always the case.

We share responsibility when it comes to acceptance, inclusion, and respect.

Globally, non-native speakers of English outnumber native speakers three to one. This brings threats and opportunities alike, depending on where your accent is from.

“Research shows that when English is spoken by some Europeans, including for example French-, German-, Italian-accented English, they can be considered really cute, sophisticated, stylish and so forth”. But English spoken by Asians, Africans or Middle Easterners may be viewed as challenging and unpleasant.

Linguistic racism exists and there is proof that many people who are shamed or excluded because of their language develop inferiority complexes.
How do I know, because I was a victim of it…

Here I share my story when I first arrived in the UK, how my landlord completely mispronounced my name and my first week at work when I was insulted several times by customers phoning in. A few years later, I had travelled the world on behalf of the business, developed distribution networks, open the door to one of the top 10 aerospace manufacturers worldwide and became the EU Marketing Manager right before setting up the businesses I run today, one of them being helping people to speak their greatness.

Audience takeaways:

  • Native speakers:

o Get curious and appreciate the difference.
o Become an advocate for change and develop an inclusive mindset.
o Implement a plan for real change at any organization.

  • Non-native speakers:

o Play on your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
o Embrace who you are. Your accent is part of your identity.
o It’s your responsibility to take ownership and make your life happen, regardless of your accent.

All the best,

Jose Ucar