The PA Show 2022



You are not 'JUST' an EA/PA or VA! How to capitalise on your skills, experience, expertise and knowledge to catapult your Administrative Professional career

09 Mar 2022
Keynote Theatre
Career Development

Realising and utilising your current skills, experience, expertise and knowledge are the fundamental tools to advance your career development and the first steps towards gaining more confidence in the business world. Sometimes we must just step out of our limiting comfort zones and build a personal brand to help us choose the right career path. Knowing how to network and, more importantly, net-give, so that we can market our full business potential, alongside continuously developing in the online world, is paramount to success. This session will show you how to embrace the learning and training that makes all the difference between success and failure. This session will be about sharing my 40 years experience as an Administrative Professional, the expertise, tips, insider secrets, skills etc that can make or break career development success these days.