The PA Show 2022



Wonders of Microsoft Word

08 Mar 2022
Tech Theatre
Technical Skills

Improve your productivity and efficiency with breath taking tips and shortcuts and discover some of the most overlooked features in Microsoft Word. Paul promises to make you fall in love with MS Word as you will learn how to produce amazing professional documents in no time! Most of the tips and shortcuts Paul will show you are the same in MS Outlook and MS PowerPoint too. Double win!
Microsoft Office Certified Expert Paul will show you:
• Functions you must add to your Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar
• Using Autocorrect in ways you have never before
• Format painting at another level
• Editing a PDF in Word. Yes you can!
• Applying the colour of your logo/brand to your document
• Using Styles to save you time
• Working with large documents
• An abundance of keyboard shortcuts including Paul’s all-time favourite Microsoft Shortcut