The PA Show 2022



Instant Wellness for the workforce 4 minutes at a time

08 Mar 2022
Keynote Theatre

I will take you on a journey from Pain into Power.

I will inspire and MOVE the audience with my KICK Life back story which has helped so many people over 25 years of coaching. I will then get the audience MOVING with the KICK 4 minute round method that healed me and 10s of 1000s of my clients.
KICK is for people who have failed at other health and wellbeing approaches.
We deliver a 360 degree holistic experience in ONLY 4 minutes so this works.
We offer discipline, structure and accountability in our revolutionary method which inspires the workforce to train a KICK 4 minute round in-between Teams calls and in their day. FUN!
My mum suffered with mental health issues unbeknown to me and my brother, at 16 years old my mum sadly said goodbye from suicide.
This has mapped out my life and Thaiboxing saved me. Structure, Discipline, Accountablity. KICKs thread is all about bettering Mental Health.
I have trained to the 4 minute clock for 30 years now-buzzing away in the Thaiboxing and Boxing gyms in Thailand, London, USA and all round the world (whilst in a corporate job.)
3 minutes of training and 1 minute rest. Repeat.
This clock made me World Kickboxing Association Champion, then I broke down physically and mentally to deal with trauma. I went up to 95 kilos.
I used the 4 minute clock to get the weight off and get better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 4 minutes at a time.
This is how I swapped Trauma into Triumph.

I will show case how anyone can put a KICK 4 minute round into their day.
I will invite people to get up with me and move with me, have some fun and interact, show them how easy it is and how good they will feel after ONLY 4 minutes.
I will teach them how to breath properly to overcome anxiety and move their body to help with “TECH NECK”, the condition we have all got from back to back Teams calls.
All very simple to do and easy to follow, creative and fun.

I will empower people to move and become the best versions of themselves using my KICK method.