The PA Show 2022



Holistic Career & Leadership Development - Ignite Your Career NOW for greater fulfilment and success

09 Mar 2022
Personal Development
Career Development

NOW is the time to master the art of Career & Leadership Advancement. Gone are the days of settling for a lacklustre career and staying stuck in a rut. If you are not progressing, you will be left feeling disillusioned, unfulfilled, and lost with no clue on what to do.

Join Executive Leadership and Career Advancement Coach, Lily Woi, when she reveals the key ingredients vital for a successful career. NOW is the time to design an exciting and fulfilling career. Discover how to advance faster and easier than ever before, all the while having fun! Because work can be fun.


  1. Learn the art of self-leadership, take ownership of their career and set themselves up as inspiring leaders and role models
  2. Spot and shift everyday behaviours and language for an instant confidence booster
  3. Increase motivation and drive to perform and excel at work