The PA Show 2022



Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

09 Mar 2022
Keynote Theatre

If the past couple of years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to adapt to the ever-changing working landscape. While we know change is inevitable and disruption a constant, how do we prepare as individuals and organisations in order to stay relevant, agile and thrive irrespective of uncontrollable factors. The answer lies in Emotional Intelligence.

Why Emotional Intelligence?
People with high emotional intelligence earn on average £20,000 more per year. Research has shown that 90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence. and employees with emotionally intelligent managers are 400% less likely to leave a job. Unlike IQ or personality which remain stagnant throughout your life, with the right training, you can increase your emotional intelligence competencies by up to 35%.

Join us to learn more about the role of emotional intelligence within the workplace, understand the common misconceptions and the 15 different competencies that encompass EI, and walk away with tips and tools on how you can develop your emotional intelligence.