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Summer Summit Programme



You Have the Information, What's Next?...

17 Jul 2024
The PA Show Summer Summit
Conference Sessions

In this session, Jodie Mears, a seasoned Executive Assistant, will provide practical tips for administrative professionals to upskill and future-proof their careers in the face of AI and automation. Jodie will offer guidance on crafting business justification letters and email outlines to present to your organisations, demonstrating a proactive approach to change.

Attendees will learn how to develop and nurture the human skills that AI cannot replace, emphasising the importance of continuous learning and development.
Participants will leave with practical strategies for implementing what they have learned at the summit, empowering them to become champions of change within their organisations.

Join Jodie Mears for "You Have the Information, What's Next?" and discover how to confidently voice what you believe will aid efficiencies in your organisation.

Jodie Mears, C-Suite EA & The Crodie Files Podcast Co-Host - Bentley Systems/The Crodie Files