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Summer Summit Programme



What's Your (Event) Style? In-person, Virtual or Hybrid - A Strategic Guide

17 Jul 2024
The PA Show Summer Summit
Conference Sessions

Join Franco, the founder and CEO of Frog Events, for a comprehensive and engaging guide designed specifically for EAs & PAs on how to choose between in-person, virtual or hybrid events. In this presentation, we will explore the evolving dynamics of event planning in the current economic climate. We'll delve into the strategic decision-making process for selecting the best event style - be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid - to meet your organisation's objectives and expectations. Learn about the benefits and potential pitfalls of each format, with practical dos and don'ts to ensure your event is a resounding success. We'll also introduce a tailored decision workflow to help you confidently navigate these choices. This session promises to empower you with the insights needed to plan impactful and memorable events tailored to your audience's needs.

Franco de la Croix-Vaubois, Founder & CEO - Frog Events