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Summer Summit Programme



Essential Software for the Assistant of the Future

17 Jul 2024
The PA Show Summer Summit
Conference Sessions

With the ever-evolving amount of software that is available to businesses today, Assistants need to arm themselves with a wide toolkit to offer business owners and to future-proof their services. With the introduction of No/Low Code software, there is no excuse for Assistants at any level or arena to fall behind when it comes to offering simple business solutions to their clients. This session will explore software to develop and design your own CRM using Airtable, a close look at Zapier, and how automating diary management can benefit assistants and eradicate the ping-pong of emails.

Looking at new and upcoming options for small businesses on a budget and much more.
All assistants can now work in a virtual world and need to ensure they are embracing all that is on offer to enable them to be ahead of what will soon become the new normal.

Hayley Hudson, Founder - The VA Lounge® - Hudson Admin Support