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Victoria Tretis

Victoria Tretis

VA to OBM Coach and Trainer, Tretis Limited
"I’m Victoria Tretis and I’ve helped undervalued VAs to transform their businesses and step into their expertise in order to feel respected, more fulfilled and more energised through their work. Fun fact for you: I’ve been in the VA world since 2013. But I never was “just” a task-driven VA, a “helper” or “admin”. I was always so much more than that and considered my clients’ successes to be my own. I was a more-than-a-VA. An Executive VA. A Wing Woman. An integrator. A strategic partner. But I didn’t know what it was actually called. So I stayed under the VA umbrella, kept working hard, and traded time for money because that was the closest matched business model I could find. My transition away from the VA title officially took place in late 2018 when I first heard that my strategic support role actually had a name: Online Business Manager. It was a true lightbulb moment. But I was gutted to realise I’d been under-charging and over-delivering for so long. No wonder I was becoming increasingly tired of my business – I was totally drained and dog-tired of working hard to pay my bills. I don’t want other VAs to make that same mistake. My progression from VA to OBM, combined with thousands of hours (and pounds) of self-development training, means I help VAs to shortcut the learning curve and see faster progress towards becoming a confident business manager who feels more fulfilled through their work."