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2023 Speakers


Vicky Sweetlove

Vicky Sweetlove

Consultant, Feng Shui Life

Vicky Sweetlove
Feng Shui Consultant, Space Clearer and Earth Energy Alchemist

Vicky is a renowned Feng Shui Consultant and Space Clearing Earth Alchemist working with the energies of people’s homes, offices and land bringing balance and harmony and connection to their living and work spaces.

Vicky is a well known feng shui consultant and has been speaking at the International Feng Shui Guild Summit, the Ideal Home Show and the Feng Shui Society's conference. Vicky has appeared on Sky One, BBC2 and the Living Channel, More 4, Radio 4 as a Dowser and has written for many magazines and newspapers.

She teaches accredited Practitioner courses in person in the UK and worldwide which include an IFSG Feng Shui Practitioner course to include the Space Clearing and Earth Alchemy Course. In addition to her dowsing skills of working with the land and energies of place of which she is renowned in helping businesses and homes to have successful businesses, houses sell in 3 weeks when they have not sold for years and family relationships improve as well as health and wellbeing..

Vicky also offers Akashic Records consultations online and Practitioner Course Training in person in London, UK
tel: +44(0)207 723 8932
mob: +44(0)7885 945008