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2023 Speakers


Tracey Louise Taylor

Tracey Louise Taylor

Menopause and Financial Coach, MenoMoney

Meet Tracey, the visionary founder of MenoMoney and a dynamic perimenopausal woman with over a decade of experience as a certified financial protection adviser. Dedicated to empowering women during their menopause journey, Tracey serves as a menopause & financial coach, professional speaker, and an active member of the Financial Therapy Association. Specialising in assisting menopausal professionals and entrepreneurs, she helps them understand how hormonal changes can impact financial well-being and future business goals. Through transformative services, Tracey enables women to reshape their relationship with money, prioritise themselves, and achieve personal and financial goals. Beyond individual empowerment, she collaborates with corporations, educating and training managers on supporting menopausal women in the workplace, addressing the crucial issue of over 14 million lost working hours due to menopause. Passionate about delivering tangible results, Tracey guides clients to overcome beliefs hindering financial success.