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2023 Speakers


Skevi Constantinou

Skevi Constantinou

Director and Founder, The PA Way

Skevi Constantinou is a highly experienced former Executive Assistant who is a believer for the for the Assistant and Business Support profession, evoking change by encouraging colleagues to be heard as one voice.

Having created and launched the multi-award winning and global professional learning and lifestyle platform, The PA Way, Skevi’s mission is to ensure that Assistants and Business Support professionals are valued, nurtured and listened to.

The PA Way is a fresh, fun and informative personal and professional development training platform which offers its signature and award winning “Loyal Royal” membership, which connects colleagues across a global community.

Skevi has also created and launched the first bespoke membership App for the profession which has had roaring success.
Skevi’s aim is to take Assistants out of their Executive’s shadow and to own their own light but equally maintain a powerhouse professional dynamic with the people they support.

Skevi has spoken at many in-house and virtual events such as the Houses of Parliament, 4th EA Conference in Prague, The PA Show, CBRE, Hays Recruitment and many more including internationally.

Skevi recently was the opening Keynote Speaker for the prestigious PA Show in London.

Additionally, she has also launched The CEO to Your Glow Coaching Academy which focuses on taking control of your life and owning your power.

Skevi truly understands that it’s time to shine the limelight on the profession and to ensure that those within it are truly celebrated, recognised and rewarded.