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Skevi Constantinou

Skevi Constantinou

Director, The PA Way

"Skevi Constantinou is an EA with a wealth of experience across various sectors, predominately Corporate Finance. She is a huge advocate for the for the industry, evoking change by encouraging assistants to be heard as one voice.

Having created and launched the popular assistant lifestyle platform, The PA Way, Skevi’s mission is to ensure that assistants and admin professionals are valued, nurtured and listened to – by staging events and learning to enable them to “live like a boss!”

Skevi’s aim is to take assistants out of their bosses’ shadow and to own their own light. With a goal of ensuring that assistants become so powerful, that people do not know who the boss is, The PA Way is a fresh, fun and informative platform to allow assistants to “level up” by learning, development and events.

Skevi truly understands that it’s time to put assistants and admin professionals in the limelight and to ensure that it is our time to shine. The PA Way is about inspiring, empowering and motivating you to be the best you can be, not only as the Rockstar Assistant but as the Glow-Getter who shines!