2022 Speakers


Shayanne Wright

Shayanne Wright

CEO & Co-Founder, Office Otter

My greatest skill is turning human experiences into digital products. I love working alongside underserved and underestimated user groups who are open and willing to share their lives with me so that we can creatively problem solve together. This, I believe, is the most energizing part of building a startup.

In addition, I wear many hats as CEO and lead a small team at Office Otter through our product management, investor relations, customer success, marketing & sales, etc.

I'm currently working on Office Otter, a workflow task management and performance tracking tool for Internal Operations roles (Executive Assistants, Office Managers, HR roles, Facilities & Warehouse roles, etc.) My larger vision for Office Otter is to create standardized metrics and KPIs for these roles to unlock upward mobility and empower companies and management to identify and promote their talented Operations team members.

My Co-Founder and I have raised over $2M in funding and have worked with over 3,500 companies globally.