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2023 Speakers


Paula Edwards

Paula Edwards

Founder/Director, Advance Virtual Assistants Ltd

Paula is the founder of Advance Virtual Assistants Ltd, a Certified Director of Operations and a Virtual Assistant and Remote Business Manager trainer and mentor.

Since its inception in 2017, Advance Virtual Assistants Ltd has grown considerably. From Paula offering VA support on her own, to developing an agency of associates who work with Advance clients. Advance has an ever increasing client base where 85% of clients find us through being referred and an ever growing team of fantastic associates to work with our clients. Paula now only works with clients on a Director of Operations or launch management basis.

Paula is also the lead trainer and mentor in Advance Virtual Assistant Academy, delivering our comprehensive mentor led Signature Programme, our Remote Business Manager program and the ongoing training and support of adVAnce Membership.

Paula has held administrative, compliance, project management and managerial roles across a variety of industries in the public, private and charitable sectors. She has experience of working in small family run businesses, larger corporate environments and running her own business has furnished her with a vast selection of skills and experience.
Her experience in ensuring businesses, large and small, introduce robust business strategy covering the seven strategic pillars and ongoing support from both her and her team to facilitate success, engenders her holistic approach to business.
A naturally organised person with a flair for project management and great clarity for introducing systems and improving business processes, she is well-equipped to support your business to up-level.
Paula has a great passion for empowering people to create a fulfilling business for themselves that provides an excellent work life balance and moves them closer to their long term vision - freedom and flexibility.
Paula’s WHY has always been her value FREEDOM. To create an optimal work life balance between her family and her business. Her favourite way to spend time outside of the business is to have all five of her family together, under one roof. Additionally, Paula is a self-confessed (slightly) mad dog woman who adores the family’s two miniature, long haired dachshunds, Boris and Henry!!