2023 Speakers


Meeta Sahni

Meeta Sahni

CEO, The Maine Group

CEO | Business Woman of the Year 2021 | Mentor-Women in Business | Charity Ambassador | Diversity Champion | Connecting businesses with the best administrative support, doubling the output of C-Suites and D-Suite roles. Meeta has been in the EA/PA industry for over 25 years, and is a firm believer that a good assistant is the secret of a director's success. It's all about fit, expertise and partnership. The more alignment there is between the director and assistant the greater the outcomes are of the business. The Maine Group are a talent consultancy specialising in attracting and retaining the best talent into exceptional businesses. Through the training and coaching arm of the consultancy, Meeta and her team help assistants gain an understanding of self, strategic goals and ones boss to become an irreplaceable business partner.