2022 Speakers


Marianne Whitlock

Marianne Whitlock

Co Founder, Strategic PA Recruitment

Prior to co-Founding Strategic PA Recruitment in 2019, Marianne was previously in Sales at a luxury Canadian train company and worked in the travel industry for over 15 years, specialising in client relationships and networking. More recently Marianne has managed several charity fundraising events.

Marianne is passionate about empowering people and helping them achieve their full potential. She believes the most fundamental building block for any business is the relationships we have with others. Along with Marianne’s attention to detail is an extensive network and she is well known for her professional, honest but fun approach.

Marianne lives in Penn with her husband and four boys. She enjoys running and has completed multiple marathons and is due to undertake some ultras in 2020! She also has a passion for kickboxing, having gained 4 Black Belts and teaches it in her spare time.