2023 Speakers


Katie Mellor

Katie Mellor

Founder/Director, KM Virtual Office Ltd

After spending over 10 years within the finance, HR & administration sectors, supporting businesses to achieve their goals by implementing systems, processes and procedures to make them more effective. I realised, this is what she loved.

I love to organise, to problem solve and to make everyone’s life a little easier and so KM Virtual Office was born in 2014. Our approach is to help clients change the way they work or think about tasks, so that they can become more productive and achieve the end goal quicker.

I wanted the business to really be about our clients, to understand how they work, what they do and don’t like and to make their lives easier by completing all the little things that hold them back from getting on with what they really want to do!

After realising that I love to share my knowledge, I launched the 6 week mentoring program, back in 2020 to help like-minded VA’s do the same and they are now doing just that!