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2023 Speakers


Kathy Soulsby

Kathy Soulsby

Chief Organiser, Personally Virtual Limited

After a varied career as a restaurant manager, a customer relations executive in the car industry, an exporter of shellfish and, of course, a PA and EA, Kathy set up Personally Virtual in 2014.
Initially, the business was just Kathy supporting a few clients, but she soon added one associate, and then another to look after the growing number of clients on the books.
Personally Virtual now comprises a team of over 30 associate VAs and supports businesses from 1 man or 1 woman bands right up to some household name corporate businesses.
In May 2017, she published Virtually Painless (currently rated 5* on Amazon), a humorous and slightly bonkers book about moving from employed PA to freelance VA. Covering the highs and lows of freelance life, it’s aim is to answer the questions “Can I do that?” and more importantly “Do I want to do that?”
Her latest book (published September 23) is How to Work with a Virtual Assistant - Outsource Everything but Your Brilliance, a guide for business owners and managers on how a VA can work with you to grow your business.
Kathy loves helping people get organised and she is a total productivity nerd. When she isn’t sweating over an online timesheet, nattering with the team on Slack or getting her geek on about a new planner or task system, she can usually be found in a field with a collie or two or swimming in a really cold river.