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2023 Speakers


Jonny Edser

Jonny Edser

Founder & Managing Director, Wildgoose Events

Founded in January 2004, Jonny has taken Wildgoose from a small start-up to becoming one of the most innovative team building companies in the world. With a team based across the UK and US, Wildgoose now delivers over 3,000 in-person, virtual and hybrid team building activities annually across the globe which can be booked online with as little as 24 hours notice.

Never satisfied with standing still, Jonny is passionate about disrupting the team building industry and making it possible for any organisation to bring their team together without breaking the bank or damaging the environment.

Wildgoose’s vision is simple - ‘To deliver world class team building, globally, on-demand’ and it drives everything that we do. As the world has changed due to Covid, so have we. We now deliver all of our events with a global team of Remote Hosts who can beam into any office, home or meeting room via video link to brief a group, support them throughout and then deliver a high energy wrap-up. This approach has not only reduced the cost to the customer, but also reduced our carbon footprint as we no longer send our event hosts around the world to be onsite. What we cannot reduce (300,000kg of CO2 in 2021), we offset via three projects.