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Summer 2024 Speakers


Jodie Mears

Jodie Mears

C-Suite EA & The Crodie Files Podcast Co-Host, Bentley Systems/The Crodie Files

With over two decades of experience, Jodie has established herself as a highly skilled and versatile professional in the business operations support field. She began her career as a purchase ledger clerk, supporting account managers within the UK energy supply markets, and quickly transitioned into high-level administrative support roles. These roles ranged from Receptionist to Senior Administrative Assistant and Ethics & Compliance Coordinator within the Aerospace industry. Currently, Jodie serves as a strategic Executive Assistant to two C-Suite Global Executives in the business transformation and digital solutions sector.

Throughout her career, Jodie has gained extensive experience in supporting senior leadership, coordinating ethics & compliance efforts, and providing support to technical development teams. She has also worked on bids & proposals within the aerospace markets, specifically focusing on airports and airline technologies.
Now recognized as a career Executive Assistant, Jodie is known for her conscientious and business-minded approach, as well as her passion for networking and advocating personal branding within the business support profession.

Committed to her career and self-development, Jodie thrives on enhancing her business attributes and skills while also deriving great satisfaction from inspiring others to do the same. She achieves this through her mentoring & coaching programme and by co-hosting the immensely popular and unique global podcast, "The Crodie Files," which caters to administrative and business support professionals at all levels.

Since 2021, Jodie has been a member of the advisory board for The PA Show, where she actively shares her knowledge, networks, and passionately advocates for the profession.