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2023 Speakers


Jodie Mears

Jodie Mears

Executive Assistant and Podcast Co-Host, The Crodie Files Podcast

Award-winning strategic career Executive Assistant, Advisory Board member, co-host of The Crodie Files, podcast guest, and Mental Health First Aider.

Always taking her career and self-development into her own hands, Jodie thrives on levelling up in skills and business attributes, as well as gaining tremendous self-accomplishment when creatively inspiring others to do the same, which is why this year, we saw the launch of The Crodie Files, a podcast for Administrative Assistants by two career EAs currently working in the role.

Craig Bryson and Jodie Mears unite administrative professionals, assistants, and support staff worldwide with their honest, realistic approach to problem-solving. The Crodie Files provides a space for listeners to learn about the administrative profession's challenges and triumphs and gain insight into the strategies and approaches that make these professionals successful.